PPE Committee

The PPE committee is made up of 12 members who meet regularly to make decisions on important issues for the PPE society. This includes planning the PPE holiday, organising socials, discussing fundraising techniques

Elwy Clarke - President

Hi everyone, welcome to the PPE Society my name is Elwy and I am this year’s President.

I’m going into my 3rd year at Manchester, and over the past two years have loved being part of the PPE Society as a Peer Mentor, Peer Mentor Coordinator and part of the Netball team so am very excited and proud to President this year. As president my role involves chairing all committee meetings and helping all other members of the committee. I will act as point of contact between staff, such as our course director, and all students. I also have many admin jobs such as registering our society with the SU and more excitingly booking our annual PPE Holiday! 

Our aim for the society this year is to make it, and the events we hold, as inclusive diverse and fun as possible. We encourage all your suggestions for socials and events, as ultimately the society is run for you! In this way please feel free to add me on Facebook if you have any questions or suggestions relating to PPE or Manchester. I look forward to meeting you all in Freshers Week, where I will introduce you to the rest of our amazing committee members and show you all what the PPE Society has to offer! 


Fin Hatch - Vice President

Hi, my name is Fin and I’m this year’s Vice President of the PPE Society.

My role is largely to help all the other members of the committee in any way I can, thereby ensuring the society runs smoothly for the year ahead. This includes helping Rohan with admin, coordinating events such as the “lessons from successful alumni” evening and any other events that the social sec or fundraising officer need help with.

The success of the society over the last few years has been down to its ability to combine the serious and the social. On the one hand it is the source of genuinely useful academic support and inspiring careers advice and facilitation. And on the other it manages to maintain a reputation as one of the best social societies at the university. Through sports teams, the annual holiday (we’re hoping for Amsterdam this time round), and the numerous socials held through the year, there really is something for everyone.

I hope you have a great time at Manchester over the next year, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

fin hatch.jpg

Julia De Miguel Velázquez - Secretary

Hi everyone! I’m Julia, a second year PPE student, and I’m this year’s secretary.

My role is to organize the meetings as well as to keep record of them and what goes on at the society. I will also be giving a hand to the other members whenever they need it! The PPE society is one very active and social. Could call ourselves lucky to study PPE at Manchester and being part of it, it holds so many fun events!

All the committee will be giving its best and is looking forward this upcoming academic year!


Rohan Dronsfield - Treasurer

Hi I’m Rohan and I’m the Society’s Treasurer this year! Being Treasurer for the Society primarily includes the raising of funds in order to create an inclusive and engaging society, enabling it to flourish more students get more involved.  I will do this through attracting sponsors and executing funding pitches at student union and faculty events.

The society is extremely important for the social and professional development of our students – forging the connections between student and firm will certainly shape their desired career paths.  PPE students are arguably the most rounded students and so will be extremely useful in the workforce post-university, and so it is good for firms to connect with them during university. Sponsors who are actively involved in a positive relationship with our Society will be enabled to connect with intelligent and driven students who have various career desires.  Through this relationship we will be enabled to fund charity donations, sports teams and socials.  As before, we have a motivated Committee behind the Society and we aim to work with sponsors to grow and develop the Society to our best abilities.


Katja Westwood - Social Secretary

Welcome to the PPE Society! I am Katja and I am a second year PPE student.

As the social secretary of our society I am responsible for organising the many socials we have throughout the year – including a welcome meal, pub crawls, sport events, a short trip, the PPE ball as a final celebration and MUCH more. Our socials are the perfect opportunity to meet people from all years of the course and make friends super quickly outside the lecture theatre (because let’s be honest, that’s where you really make memories lasting a life time).

Together with a first year social sec, whom I am really excited to be working with, I want to maintain our society as open and diverse as I experienced it in my fist year. I am always happy to hear your ideas and wishes so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Everyone is welcome to join us, so stay posted, come along and I can’t wait to meet you all!


Anastasia Guerra - Communications and Social Media Officer

 Hello everyone! I’m Anastasia and this year I will be your Communications and Social Media Officer. As a second years student, I have noticed how social media and interaction between students is extremely important for a successful and stimulating academic experience.

To guarantee to the whole PPE students the most enjoyable and engaging experience possible, I will do my best to create an active and vibrant environment on our online platforms, encouraging the students' interaction and giving the possibility to stay always tuned on all the news and events of our society. Of course, pictures of our events and interesting contents won’t miss in any of our social media pages, with the intention to keep always the connection with all the PPE students. In fact, for any feedbacks, advices, or to ask any questions, please get in touch, the whole committee would be more than happy to reach you back!!

Can’t wait to share this journey with all of you, please follow our social media pages to make sure you won’t miss any of the great experiences and opportunities the PPE society will offer!


Zain Abrar- Engagement Officer

Hi, I’m Zain, your engagement officer for this year. My role is to ensure that we hold exciting academic events that benefit all of us. These will include debates, lectures and workshops. I’m eager to work together with everyone and share ideas in order to make sure that we hold events that are relevant to all of us. I’m also keen on connecting the current students with PPE Alumni and will be providing more information regarding this throughout the year. I strongly encourage all of you to get involved with the society as much as you can and I can guarantee that we will have a great time!


George Cave  - Fundraising Officer

Hi, I’m George and I am the fundraising officer for the committee this year.

Currently in my second year, I am excited to have my voice and ideas heard by my coursemates and the wider Manchester student community. My role essentially will be to organise charity events throughout the year, as well as collecting during socials. I will try my best to put on fun and interesting events that bring people in and out of the course together in support of important issues.

I hope to focus on refugee aid and work closely with the Manchester refugee rights collective. I feel passionately about this issue, but I am open to supporting other causes - I am always keen to hear others’ ideas!


Harriet Simmons, Megan Moore and Rohan Mistry - Peer Mentor Co-ordinators

Hi! We are your Student Co-ordinators for the mentoring scheme next year. We will be overseeing the scheme, making sure that all new students are put at ease and enjoy their first year of PPE at Manchester as much as we all have! All peer mentors are second and third year PPE students who are fully trained to support first years both socially and academically throughout the year. The mentoring system ensures that all year groups are fully integrated within the society, making Manchester PPE society a close-knit group of friends who study and socialise together. This is what we believe makes studying PPE at Manchester so special! 

We look forward to meeting and supporting all of the new first years of class 2021 very soon! 


Mykola Kuzmin - International Inclusivity Officer

 Welcome to one of the most active and sociable societies at the University of Manchester! I’m a 2nd Year PPE student, and I’m also a Peer and Debate Mate mentor. I am responsible for the organisation of cultural events at university, which would allow students to get to know each other better. In particular, my focus is on the integration of all members of the PPE Society through international poetry nights, multicultural cooking competitions and cosmopolitan music battles, amongst many other events. In particular, I will work alongside the Engagement Officer to make all PPE students feel that the Society belongs to them. I will promote and campaign for equal opportunities within the university, union and wider community.