Peer mentoring is a scheme used across the University of Manchester to make sure that first years have a 2nd or 3rd year from their course to mentor and guide them as they settle in. As University students ourselves, we as Peer Mentors know exactly what you’re going through and are always there to help with any issue be it academic or social.  

The PPE Peer Mentoring scheme is run by us, Daria, Megan and Pooja, with the help of fully trained peer mentoring interns at the university. Our role is to organise peer mentor groups and events and make sure the scheme runs smoothly. Our goal is to make sure you all enjoy first year as much as we did! 

We are just 3 of the peer mentors that will be part of the scheme next year (2019/2020).  All of whom are 2nd or 3rd year PPE students who have been trained in how to support other students deal with the challenges that arise in 1st year. During Welcome Week you will be sorted into groups with around 6 other 1st year PPE students. Each group will then have 2 mentors, and this will be your Peer Mentor Group for the rest of the year! 

Throughout the year your mentors will organise events for your group such as drop in sessions about essays or exams and pre-drinks for PPE socials. At the start, during Welcome Week they will show you around campus, help you pick your 1st year modules and show you how to use the student system to sign up for all your tutorials and lectures – so don’t stress about this! Most importantly once you’ve met your mentors and everyone in your group, you’ll always have them to talk to.  

No matter how prepared you think you are for university, the transition from sixth form/college to first year can be quite an adjustment. With the mentoring scheme, we’re hoping to make the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible by making sure that you always have a direct point of contact who can relate to your experiences, whether this is your mentor or a fellow mentee. Any questions about anything from referencing to accommodation or even nights out, your mentor will always be happy to help you. We really look forward to meeting you in September and helping you get the most out of PPE at Manchester!